"Rents subsidized by violence benefit nobody. Peace pays healthy dividends to communities and smart investors."

Reducing Violence is Our Business

Our proven methodology to reduce violence and stabilize communities is now deployed in 25 cities.

When violence is reduced, property values increase - especially multi-family buildings. We invest in these properties to: 

1) deliver excellent returns to private investors

2) fund the work we do

3) increase our impact by getting a seat at the table as local property owners

4) slow the detrimental effects on the community of gentrification.

We find ourselves at a critical moment in American history; a moment where we can choose to find new solutions to violence and build better community relationships. But, to make cities safer, we need to do things differently. We need to engage the entire community, including the disenfranchised.

My City At Peace offers a programmatic approach to uniting communities from within.  A whole and strong community relies on and is strengthened by including all of its members, even the ones we don’t like yet.  Our proven approach relies on clergy, as trusted leaders in their communities, playing a pivotal role in reducing violence and building lasting relationships in the community. 

My City at Peace equips and trains clergy with the skills to walk the streets of our cities most violent neighborhoods and engage with youth at the heart of violence.  Our program prepares clergy to understand first then build solutions with youth, negotiate ceasefires and treaties, build partnerships and safe relationships with local law enforcement and gang members and to understand and use the media for positive outcomes.


Listen to our podcast - The Courage to Listen featuring guests such as former Police Chief Ed Davis and Professor Amy Cuddy.


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