Key to any effort to build peace through partnerships is an initial community engagement and mapping audit.  MyCAP’s Community Audit is designed to both provide a neutral perspective on the state of key community relationships and to initiate a process of engagement that lays the base for strong future partnership in your community.  

MyCAP’s audit allows a community and its civic leadership to get an accurate gauge of the state of community relationships, with its law enforcement and civic arms.  

We conduct street level to mayoral interviews with individuals as well as formal and informal focus groups.  Our process allows us to quickly identify, contact and open channels of communication with key players in a community at to have a relatively high degree of accuracy in gauging the state of community relationships with its law enforcement, municipal and civic arms.  While this audit may not reveal entirely new information it does present a picture of a community that validates and values the pulse, tone and potential of a given moment in time.   

Typically, MyCAP’s Audit takes two days and is in part organized by your community and in part guided by MyCAP’s deep experience in "reading the street”, discovering and allowing the important voices of the unheard to be expressed.  We follow a process and respond to what we discover when we being our diagnostic.   


MyCAP’s Season of Peace is a defined period, negotiated truce between gang members across a city.  Typically, the period is from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day.  It is the most visible and public event in the community peace work we do.  A Season of Peace Campaign is the result of a sustained, consistent effort to engage gang members as part of the solution to violence and occurs over a 9-12 month period.

Following a Community Audit, MyCAP is invited to work with a core clergy team to initiate Nigh Walks and gang engagement.  A Season of Peace Campaign is defined by specific actions that occur within a well defined, but flexible, time range.  

Core Program Elements:

  • Clergy team formed
  • Clergy training begins
  • Night Walks Initiated and firm commitment to consistent night walk presence agreed to
  • Clergy and police relationship goals defined
  • Partnership relationships established between clergy and gangs, police and city agencies
  • Training for clergy, community and police leadership teams
  • Tracking of campaign impact and crime statistics
  • Culminates in a public truce between gang members for a defined period of time
  • Honor and celebrate the event