My City at Peace partners with strategic investors and developers to drive investments in transformative projects that bring new opportunities to the local communities while delivering solid returns to investors. 

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We are looking for developers and investors who want to do good while doing well. We've learned that reducing violence and improving community relationships brings significant economic value to communities. When communities become safer, local businesses thrive as residents and investors come back.

We aren’t a charity. We aren’t looking for donations. We are building a sustainable and profitable model for making our communities peaceful. 

Our methodology for creating peace in violent communities is explained in CoFounder, Rev. Jeffrey Brown's TED talk that has been viewed about 1 million times. Our approach has been deployed in 22 cities over the past 25 years with well-documented results, including this Economist article about our work in Las Vegas and this HBR Case Study

Our investment thesis is simple. Reducing violence increases property values - especially market-rate rental properties in urban areas most impacted by gang violence.

We understand how to utilize our ground-level knowledge of the communities where we work to spot and capitalize on undervalued properties. We enjoy the unique advantage of strong relationships with municipalities, development agencies, community groups, mayors and police chiefs. They want to work with us.

Where most investors see dangerous communities, we see tremendous human and economic potential to be unlocked. 

A typical city-specific portfolio would include 100 to 200 units in multi-family properties. In these neighborhoods, the risk premium is high, reflected in cap rates often well over 10%. Incremental rent increases, higher occupancy rates and neighborhood stabilization lead quickly to great cash flows and property appreciation.

Rents subsidized by violence benefit nobody.

If you’d like to help us invest in peace and capture some of her dividends, we’d like to talk. Please call Geoff Nesnow at (888) 826-0089 or fill out the form below.